Case background

Amazon Prime Video is a streaming service managed and owned by Amazon. The video platform offers original content from Amazon Studios as well as movies and series from other entertainment companies. Through various campaigns within Basic-Fit, the so-called Originals, were promoted that would only be shown through Amazon Prime Video. In this case it was Love Island.

The activation

In order to keep the campaign as catchy and broad as possible, four different campaign images were used, which were shown alternately. Over a period of two weeks the different campaign images were rotated in all clubs in the Netherlands. With this we not only realized that play-outs of the campaign varied, but also that an important target group was reached with the communication.

Use of touchpoints

The campaign images were distributed throughout the year within the Basic-Fit clubs on the basis of strategic content planning. The next touchpoint was used for this:

  • Digital screens


  • More than 3 MIO club visits during the campaign period
  • 5 different campaign visuals
  • +5 MIO times the spot was shown
  • Uplift in the brand awareness Love Island