After a successful international pilot, Basic-Fit started the international rollout of over 4000 extra screens. In the Netherlands, all 200 clubs have their own network of up to 7 screens, in different sizes, per club. With these expansions, advertisers are even better able to communicate on a daily
basis with a large, predominantly young, sporting target group. Meanwhile, a start has also been made with the expansions in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Spain.
“Basic-Fit has the ambition to become the largest sports network”, explains Odin van den Broeke, Manager Advertising and Partnerships at Basic-Fit. “In addition to opening an average of three new clubs a week, we are also investing in expanding our own DOOH network. Not only by increasing the number of screens per club, but also technically. At the moment we also offer advertisers the possibility to target campaigns based on the weather, time of day and location, among other things.
The fact that we can make campaigns more relevant for advertisers in combination with the fact that we can indicate exactly who was in the club at that time, makes that we can welcome more and more large partners and advertisers. “Behind the scenes, we are currently working hard to be able to
reserve campaigns online via our own client log-in.

About Basic-Fit media

After a successful pilot in 2019, Basic-Fit media was established on 1 January 2020. Basic-Fit media is responsible for the exploitation of the digital out of home network. With our network we offer brands the opportunity to connect with millions of, mostly young, consumers via the different Touch Points within the customer journey of our visitors.

Basic-Fit now has its own digital out of home network of approximately 5000 screens, spread over more than 800 clubs. The network ultimately enables external advertisers to reach potentially 2.2 million Basic-Fit members with products and services relevant to them.