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Odine van den Broeke
Advertising & Partnership manager
+31 (0)627 193 046

Anil Krishan
B2B Media-Sales planning & support
+31 (0)649 310 046

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General contact
Basic-Fit Headquarters
Wegalaan 60
2132 JC Hoofddorp
+31 (0)23 890 1750

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Corporate communication/ press ( for all countries)


What is the duration of a campaign?

The duration of a campaign is always 14 days from the start date of the campaign.

What are the specifications?

Our instore network consists of two different formats:

Digital instore screens:
Format: 1080x1920PX
Length spot 10 seconds (no audio)

Welcome Wall:
Format: 1080X1920PX
Spot length: 10 seconds freeze frame

When does the material have to be delivered at the latest?

The material must be delivered no later than five working days before the start of the campaign. The material can be sent to:

What are the possibilities within a partnership?

The most important thing is that we look together in advance at the various objectives you have as a brand. Together we will cast these objectives into an activation plan. In this plan we will deploy all touchpoints at the right time within the customer journey. From our digital out of home network to
distributing discount vouchers via the app that allows our members to purchase the product or service.

What are the restrictions for a partnership?

The most important thing is that a partnership must always be relevant to our members. By relevance we mean that the product or service belongs in the areas of interest of the members.

What is the difference between a partnership and a regular campaign?

Within a partnership, in addition to the use of our digital screens, we always look at the use of multiple touchpoints over a longer period of time. Think for example of: mailings, sampling and groping on the clubs and communication via our app.
We coordinate these activations in a communication plan drawn up in advance, so that you, as a brand, are visible at the right time within the customer journey of our members.


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