The success story of HelloBank at Basic-Fit: Innovation and exclusive deals for the mobile-first generation

HelloBank, a part of BNP Paribas, is a forward-thinking digital bank primarily aimed at the mobile-first generation. Basic-Fit was utilized as a communication channel to generate additional awareness within a young and active audience.

A 360-degree activation

Within this case, we developed an all-encompassing activation, where HelloBank was visible at various points in the Customer Journey of the target audience. To create a seamless look and feel, we chose to generate campaign material within Basic-Fit as much as possible.

Throughout the 8-week campaign, Basic-Fit members could benefit from exclusive deals. Upon opening a free HelloBank account, athletes received €60 in their account, which they could spend freely. No strings attached! Existing HelloBank customers had the chance to win various prizes, including a Garmin smartwatch.

The visuals for the campaign were shot at a Basic-Fit location. Then, we added HelloBank’s recognizable touch, resulting in a captivating campaign that seamlessly aligned with our members’ experience.

Strategic touchpoints

These campaign visuals were shared at various points in the customer journey based on thoughtful content planning. We used various touchpoints to achieve broad reach:

  • Digital screens: Impactful campaign visuals on screens in Basic-Fit clubs grabbed the attention of our members.
  • Basic-Fit App (member benefit): Exclusive deals were available through our app, adding value to our athletes’ membership.
  • Vouchers at the club: Our members could take advantage of special vouchers in the clubs, rewarding them additionally.
  • Various mailings: Targeted mailings provided a personal approach and increased engagement.
  • Push notification Basic-Fit App: Push notifications reminded members of exclusive deals and prizes, maintaining their interest.

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