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    Advertising and Partnerships

    More information about advertising & partnerships


    Lotte Poort
    Digital media specialist
    +31 (0)6 21253662

    Dexter Emanuels
    Digital media specialist
    +31 (0)6 29799096

    Sarah Tops
    Advertising coördinator and support

    Basic-Fit Headquarters

    Wegalaan 60
    2132 JC Hoofddorp
    +31 (0)23 890 1750

    Corporate communication / press (for all countries)


    What is the duration of a campaign?

    Ideally, the duration of a campaign is a minimum of 7 days from the campaign start date.

    What are the specifications?

    Our in-store network comprises three different formats:

    Digital instore screens:
    Size: 1080x1920PX
    Spot length: 10 seconds (no audio)
    File: MP4/JPEG/PNG/GIF

    Welcome Wall:
    Size: 1080X1920PX
    Spot length: 10 seconds (no audio)
    File: JPEG/PNG/GIF

    Pui wall:
    Size: 536 X 892, 448 X 256
    Spot length: 10 seconds (no audio)
    File: JPEG/PNG/GIF

    Specific locations can be requested via:

    When is the material due for submission?

    The material must be submitted at least five business days prior to the start of the campaign. The material can be sent to:

    What are the exclusions?

    Sexually explicit content, alcoholic beverages, politics, and religion are categories we exclude. Basic-Fit Media reserves the right to refuse the campaign if it is deemed offensive.

    Can I target locally only?

    You can choose where your campaign should be visible. This can be on a (inter)national level, regional, or local.

    Start and reach your target audience

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