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Do you want to make your brand stand out among one of the most influential and affluent audiences today? Look no further! We provide you with the perfect solution through our digital out-of-home (DOOH) network within Basic Fit. Reach, among others, the young audience aged 18 to 35 at the moment when they are committed to a healthy and active lifestyle, and create a lasting impact!

Why choose Basic-Fit?

1. Data-driven insights: At Basic-Fit, we place immense value on data and insights. We collect valuable information about our members, enabling you to better understand how to effectively reach and engage them. This unique data-driven approach empowers you to continually refine and optimize your strategies, ensuring you get the most out of your advertisements.

2. Challenging target audience:   Reach the hard-to-reach 18-35-year-olds with our DOOH network within Basic Fit. In a world where they use adblockers and avoid traditional television, our DOOH network offers a unique opportunity to reach these consumers while they work on their personal goals and health.

3. Unprecedented reach: Our DOOH network within Basic Fit offers the opportunity to target your advertisements locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally. This allows you to set up targeted campaigns that closely align with the interests and needs of your audience in different locations. Additionally, our network also provides the option to advertise exclusively at Ladies gyms, something that is nowhere else as specific as with Basic-Fit Media.

4. Undivided attention: During their workouts and leisure time, Basic Fit members pay attention to what appears on the screen. With our strategically placed digital screens, you can advertise at a moment when your target audience’s attention is at its peak, allowing you to convey the message directly and impactfully.

Ready to make a lasting impression with your advertisement? Contact us today and discover how Basic-Fit can help you connect your brand with your specific target audience and achieve successful results.


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