Discover the Basic-Fit Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Network!

At Basic-Fit, we go beyond just fitness. We have our own advanced Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) network that provides advertisers with the perfect opportunity to present their message to a large and active audience. Our DOOH network consists of two powerful elements that offer advertisers broad reach both inside and outside our clubs. Through our access control, we precisely track when the target audience enters on a daily and hourly basis. This valuable information allows advertisers to showcase their ad campaigns at the most optimal moments.

Digital Screens within our Clubs

If you’ve ever visited our clubs, you might have noticed them: our six strategically placed digital screens. These screens are situated in areas where many members pass by, such as at the entrance, in the fitness area, and in the lounge zones. With thousands of visitors per day, these screens provide a unique opportunity for advertisers to directly reach our active and diverse membership base. Additionally, we primarily reach the challenging 18-35 age group, providing your ads with extra relevance to this young and dynamic audience. Whether it’s promoting new products, increasing brand awareness, or announcing special offers, our digital screens within the club ensure that your ads stand out and leave an impression.

Facade Screens at High Traffic Locations

Our involvement with advertisers extends beyond just our club walls. We’ve installed prominent facade screens at high traffic locations outside our clubs. These screens target busy streets, shopping areas, and other places with significant foot traffic. As an advertiser, this offers you the opportunity to share your message with a broader audience beyond our membership. Whether it’s attracting new customers, promoting a special offer, or enhancing your brand visibility, our facade screens ensure that your ads are seen by numerous passersby.

Seize this unique opportunity to showcase your brand to a vast audience with the Basic-Fit DOOH network. Contact us today and explore the myriad possibilities our DOOH platform offers to effectively and impactfully spread your message.

basic-fit media

Following a successful pilot in 2019 and to better meet the growing market demand, Basic-Fit Media was established as of January 1, 2020. Through Basic-Fit Media, we offer brands the opportunity to connect monthly with millions of predominantly young consumers through various touchpoints within our visitors’ customer journey. We live in an era where reaching target audiences is becoming increasingly challenging. The effectiveness of traditional media is declining, and the use of adblockers is on the rise. By utilizing full-motion video, your commercial has a significant impact on Basic-Fit visitors.

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