On Thursday 24 October the first edition of the media partner event took place. An informal relationship event for all customers and partners. A total of more than 60 guests were present from both client and desk side.

The first edition

After a successful year, in which we as Basic-Fit welcomed many new advertisers and partners, it was time to organize a first partner event. The goal of this day was to take all relations into the world of Basic-Fit in a fun and inspiring way. In addition, we find it important that our customers can share experiences and challenges with each other.

Founder and CEO Basic-Fit René Moos kicked off this day by reflecting on the success of the past year and took all guests along in the international expansion and future plans of Basic-Fit. After the welcome speech, the informal part could start. On the menu were four different themes that were addressed by different internal and external speakers.

Short but powerful

In order to prevent us from offering guests a programme in the category: “We from …”, the informal programme consisted of four short sessions of a maximum of 20 minutes each. In these 20 minutes a wide range of topics were covered, from a session content strategy by Kris Leys (Partnership manager HelloBank) to a real Yoga session led by our own Jan Roggeveen (Development manager Live GX).

At the end of the inspiration sessions there was enough space for all attendees to end the day in a pleasant way during dinner and networking drinks.

Couldn’t you be there last year? No worries, we are busy preparing for the 2020 edition.

About Basic-Fit media

After a successful pilot in 2019, Basic-Fit media was created on 1 January 2020. Basic-Fit media is responsible for the exploitation of the digital out of home network. With our network we offer brands the opportunity to connect with millions of, mostly young, consumers via the different Touch
Points within the customer journey of our visitors.

Basic-Fit now has its own digital out of home network of approximately 5000 screens, spread over more than 800 clubs. The network ultimately enables external advertisers to reach potentially 2.2 million Basic-Fit members with products and services relevant to them.