Case background

Ben is part of T-Mobile and has been active in the Dutch telecom market for over 20 years. Ben focuses on a broad target group and is known for its creative campaigns. Besides the objective to generate extra brand awareness, Basic-Fit members could also use the app to benefit from exclusive advantages within a closed user group.

The Activation

Through various campaigns Ben was frequently seen within the network of Basic-Fit. In addition to the campaigns on the digital screens, our members were also made aware via the app and the newsletter of the exclusive member judgement from which they could benefit.

Use of touchpoints

This campaign was loaded on the basis of a strategic content planning through various moments within the customer journey. The following touch points were used for this:

  • Digital screens
  • Basic-Fit App (member benefit)
  • Various mailings


  • More than 8 MIO club visits during the campaign periods
  • Excluding member benefit
  • +7.5 MIO times the spot was shown